Monday, July 8, 2013

Messed up thoughts

Hello there! (even though I doubt that someone is actually reading this)

Less than a week ago a friend of mine told me that someone had read my blog and they thought that it brought nothing new to the blogosphere, that I had no originality and that my posts were plain boring. And what if they are? I seriously never thought of it, because I didn't really care. I always only wanted to express my thoughts, regardless of how many people read them and regardless of their opinion. But truth be told, even though I try to overlook people saying bad things about me, I can't, especially when I hear those things. 

So what if my posts don't have a spark? Not all of us have something extraordinarily special within us and even if we do, let's bring some honesty to the table, who would post about their unshared ideas? I, for one, wouldn't, and I initially meant to write in this post that I will not, that I don't really care. So what if people don't read what I write? I myself don't read blogs on a regular basis so why should I care? But wrietrs depend on their readers, so after better thinking I've decided to post differently. My blog will still include trivial things such as 'What I wore' or simple posts about movies or books, because it remains mine and not other people's, but how I bring you (who maybe will stumble upon this at some point) something worth reading and that won't make your heads fall on the desk as you read?

Now I am off to getting ready for my first out of the many French lessons I am going to take this summer. See you later, alligators! :)


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